Step one – Cultural fit : a shared mentality

At SEAVIE we look well beyond your assets and how they need to be managed. We will sit down with you and see how each department of your organization wishes to work with us. We then adapt our own organization to meet those specific needs, assigning specific experts and placing people with contact details.

We also believe there is a need to share the same attitude and approach towards safety, adherence to industry and classification standards, good transparent communication and high standards of corporate governance. If we are comfortable with the shipowner we shall partner with, we are confident we can meet and exceed their expectations in the long run.


Step two – Business  fit : understanding your specific needs

When it comes to managing your valuable floating assets, at Seavie we believe it is also important to understand the needs of clients of the shipowner as well as the shipowners themselves. A greater understanding of the cargo requirements, port call patterns and trading routes, bunkering and supply chain optimization all go hand in hand with a comprehensive analysis of the technical, HSSEQ and crewing requirements  for each vessel. By gathering all the necessary data in advance, the number of assumptions are reduced, thereby ensuring a realistic estimation of operations and maintenance resource requirements.

Step three – A technical and commercial proposal that covers all bases

The SEAVIE team will then present an overview of proposed HSSEQ policies, a recommended organizational structure that matches the two organizations’ ambitions as well as the specific certification and management system. The technical proposal will describe in details the crew management and sourcing set-up, a formal technical maintenance plan as well as a logistics plan for stores, spares and lubricant oils. The commercial proposal will then provide the operating expenses for manning cost, maintenance and repair, insurance and the annual management fee.


Step four – A smooth handover with a well-planned timeline

SEAVIE will work with the shipowner on a pre-agreed takeover procedure that will ensure all operational as well as technical, maintenance, crewing and HSSEQ processes are phased in smoothly, with a minimum disruption to the vessel. If the ship is a newbuild, a transition phase with full handover of duties at the yard will take place including any required negotiations and agreements between Seavie, the owner and the shipyard.

From day one SEAVIE will apply financial, technical, marine and crew efficiency parameters to your vessel. This will allow you to monitor overall performance of the ship management contract in full transparency. Regular follow up meetings between SEAVIE and shipowner are planned in the initial stages so that the relevant colleagues become familiar with eachothers’ way of working.