First Class Technical Superintendence & Maintenance

Your vessels will be professionally maintained and certified by experienced superintendents, with our procurement and logistics professionals ordering and delivering supplies and spare parts. Our fleet account management team will strictly work to agreed vessel budgets and will always be on the lookout for ways of serving the vessels more efficiently at a lower overall cost of ownership.

SEAVIE will also respond quickly to any technical problems, bringing in the manufacturer or other specialists on board if required.

When a ship needs to go into dry-dock, we consult with every owner to select a suitable shipyard and work on site with the yard to ensure meticulous check-ups and repairs are completed, documented and approved, ensuring your vessels comply with the highest safety standards and industry-specific regulations.

At sea, our seafarers will constantly seek improvements in the way your ship is managed, by applying SEAVIE's experience in condition-based and preventive maintenance techniques. Energy efficiency is also closely monitored together with any requirements for ensuing optimal waste and ballast water management.

In the case of bulk and liquid bulk vessels, attention to detail in the cleaning of holds and tanks between discharge and loading is a given as is a constant monitoring and supervision during cargo loading to ensure vessel stability and safety. During the voyage, crew members are designated the responsibility of regular inspections to ensure cargo protection and safety during transit.

We keep all your vessel certificates up-to-date, arranging and assisting inspections onboard such as the yearly class inspection.

In short: the SEAVIE team at sea and on shore combine their experience and expertise to keep the vessel under management in good order, ensuring permanent vessel availability and smooth sailing.