An HSSEQ System developed to the highest standard

At SEAVIE, the standard for its Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality Management is set at the highest level, with a comprehensive ship management system which is audited and type-approved by the world’s leading classification societies on an annual basis. SEAVIE also regulates its performance with regular internal audits on board and in the office which culminates in a quarterly HSSEQ report with the latest safety related measures, milestones and targets.

A marine superintendent team is dedicated to supporting SEAVIE with the latest HSSEQ procedures, risk assessments and a proactive, training-led approach towards creating a positive safety mindset on shore and at sea. The marine team is made up of highly experienced officers with decades of experience at sea who apply their knowledge on HSSEQ in practice by regularly joining the crew onboard during vessel voyages.

As part of the integration of your fleet into our management, our HSSEQ team are available to carry out the necessary HAZOP, HAZID, FEED, and RAM studies.